How to connect with vpn

How to Remove VPN Auto-Triggering. If you accidentally add the wrong application or no longer want the VPN to trigger when you launch specific apps, you can remove them using a similar cmdlet in PowerShell. RELATED: Geek School: Learning to Use Cmdlets in PowerShell. To remove VPN auto-triggering, click the Start button, and then type

Desktop as wifi hotspot

May 28, 2020 · Next, save the file with .bat extension on your desktop. For example, mywifi.bat; So whenever you want to make a hotspot, just right click on the saved batch file and click on Run as administrator. That’s it. The above method is the best and easiest method until now to create a WiFi hotspot on any version of Windows without software. Making a

Ipv6 made easy

May 20, 2019 · Home / IPv6 CoE / IPv4 the Hard Way, IPv6 Made Easy May 20, 2019 Among my many IPv6 roles, I am a cohost – along with Ed Horley and Tom Coffeen – of the IPv6 Buzz Podcast available through Packet Pushers .