Aug 26, 2009

Jun 16, 2016 807101FF PS3 Error Code - Playstation Restart the PS3 system and connect online again. If the problem persists, please click on your type of connection for additional help. Troubleshooting PS3 wired connections; Troubleshooting PS3 wireless connections; For more tips and hints on using your PlayStation system, visit our technical support forums at Best Smart DNS for PS3 2020 Smart DNS for PS3 As a piece of technology, Smart DNS was specifically designed for use with online streaming media and was intended as a means of accessing region-specific content. In essence, it works by sending a customer's DNS queries through a sever located elsewhere, tricking services that utilize automatic region detection techniques. PS3 DNS Error Overview - Troubleshoot and Fix PS3 DNS Error

Also the PLAYSTATION 3 is unable to connect to the Internet through the USB port, it must be connected via an Ethernet cord or via Wi-Fi network. You will not be able to use a USB adaptor or a cell phone USB adaptor with the PLAYSTATION 3. The 40GB, 60GB, 80GB, and 160GB models of the PLAYSTATION 3 support 802.11b or 802.11g wireless standards.

How to Fix PS3 DNS Error: You should change the DNS address on your PlayStation(not your modem) to some other value. This is what someone suggested on the PlayStation community website.

How to Fix PS4 DNS Error NW-31250-1 -

So if you’re set to fix the PS3 DNS error, simply follow the below procedure. 1. Firstly, power off your PS3 console and then Press and hold the power button until the PS3 console beeps twice.