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Amazon.com: Mikrotik hEX RB750Gr3 5-port Ethernet Gigabit Mikrotik RouterBOARD hEX lite 5 ports router 5 X 10/100 PoE OSL4 - (RB750r2) Backups and restores can be done multiple ways, and you can even snag a text file of all settings, modify the odd IP address or whatever, and use that revised text file to deploy another hEX. Options galore. MikroTik lets say cloud host has IP: 111.222.333.444 Mikrotik-Router: ether1: 2nd internet gateway (ISO/IEC 11801, CAT6 TIA/EIA 568C.2) to each studio and terminate it to a RouterBOARD 951 2n with POE. All cables run down to a cabinet where the new modem will be located. I am looking for a router /ip address add address= Expert Advice: Using a Mikrotik Routerboard with BT IP TV To use a Mikrotik Routerboard with the BT IP TV service IGMP Proxy interfaces have to be added and some changes need to be made to firewall rules. In my case I have an RB750 Mikrotik router with a PPPoE WAN on ether2 connected to a VDSL modem which is …

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Amazon.com: Mikrotik hEX RB750Gr3 5-port Ethernet Gigabit

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I have purchased a Mikrotik Routerboard 1100AHx2 which I would like to use to replace the Netgear as our main Internet router . Using the QuickSet, I setup the WAN side with the exact same static IP, Subnet, GW and DNS servers as the Netgear and gave it the same IP address on the LAN side. I checked to bridge all ports and checked NAT. MikroTik Router First Time Startup and Setup using WebFig Apr 17, 2018 Mikrotik - Using 2 WAN connections with 2 Static IP addresses I have 2 WAN lines that connect to the Internet: one connects on ether1 interface, the other connect on ether2 interface, using a Mikrotik router.. ether3 connects to LAN.. Each line has Valid IP (static IP) and connect with PPPoE connection: WAN 1 has 217.219.xx.xx, connecting with pppoe1-WAN; WAN 2 has 89.165.xx.xx connecting with pppoe1-WAN2; In Routing, pppoe1-WAN1 has Distance 1 and TUTORIAL MIKROTIK: How to Use IP Scan Tool to Mikrotik