Drupal will only print ANY tabs if there are two or more, and the only reason an Edit tab will show up is if the user has permission to edit the page (e.g. user is an admin) so, it would be better to simply control access to editing this particular type of content on the permissions page than to perform a redundant check on the theme layer.

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2. Region Settings. A region is an area within a theme where a block is placed, such as Sidebar or Main Content.. For our OSU Drupal 7 distribution, the Doug Fir option applies for audience facing content and the Adminimal option applies for all administrative pages.

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To create a menu with a sub-menu is relatively easy to set up. I had some problems getting the desired behaviour using the default functionality provided when you enable both 'Main menu' and 'Secondary menu' options in your theme settings, and then set the 'Source for the Main links' & the 'Source for the Secondary links' both to 'Main Menu' in the menu settings.